Turtle River Montessori fundraiser, True Treasures, North Palm Beach

Paul Shine, owner of True Treasures pays-it-forward and hosts entrepreneurship workshop & fundraiser for High School students from Turtle River Montessori. The workshop and fundraiser was held at True Treasures showroom in Crystal Tree Plaza, Palm Beach Gardens, and funds generated will benefit Parkland victims.

Turtle River Montessori’s Entrepreneurship curriculum includes hands-on learning from successful entrepreneurs. Shine shared with students leadership lessons of a serial entrepreneur. He went from a corrugated box CEO in Buffalo, NY – to a consignment shop owner in Palm Beach, after an early retirement.

The Turtle River Montessori high-schoolers and Paul Shine decided, instead of raising funds for their school, they would donate funds to support the victims of Stoneman Douglas High School. Turtle River invited parents, teachers, and family members, as well as the public to the event.

While Shine conducted the workshop on-site with the high schoolers – parents, teachers, and families browsed and shopped. A check for a portion of the sales was presented to Turtle River High Schoolers so they could in turn donate to support Parkland victims and families.

When Shine began planning fundraisers for local schools (before the Parkland tragedy) – he was interested in helping the schools, as well as generating more store traffic. But the motive of the event shifted – it focused 100% on helping the students raise funds for the families of the victims of Stoneman Douglas High School.

The high schoolers from Turtle River are also passionate about making a positive impact during this troubling time – and are working on initiatives for on-going support.

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