Upper Elementary

4th - 6th

Our Upper Elementary Program has a vast curriculum covering all Florida State's Standards in grades 4th-6th and goes far beyond the minimum levels of exposure to include advanced concepts in all the subjects. Students can progress at their pace and are able to advance pass their age/grade level.

Building upon the learning in Lower Elementary, the Upper Elementary program follows children as they progress along the “Second Plane of Development.”  Teachers guide students along core concepts and subjects using concrete materials during initial presentations.  Students then practice the lessons using materials before moving the abstract learning and mastery.  Students also strengthen their executive functioning and time management skills as they plan, with teacher guidance, their own schedules and have an active part in their own education.  Students conference with teachers, weekly, to ensure they are meeting mutual goals or revisiting areas in need of review.  Learning is a collaborative process between student and teacher.  Homework is never exhaustive and is intentional so that students can enjoy home life with their families. Report cards and parent teacher conferences, in addition to digital and physical agendas, allow you to follow your child’s assignments and progress during the year.

Project based learning is used in all subjects as students discuss, create, and present their knowledge to each other, and their teachers.  Instead of tests at the end of all units of study, students demonstrate their understanding with formal presentations which are designed to showcase their knowledge in interesting and engaging ways.  All presentations are checked against Rubrics which are designed and discussed as a class community.  At the preadolescence age it is important that a strong focus on community and personal growth is fostered.  Students find purpose and empowerment by contributing to the success of their class family and in finding ways to enrich the world we live in.  The portrait of a child entering Middle school, after completing the Upper Elementary program, captures a child who is confident, academically prepared, socially connected, independent, and a well-rounded, happy young adult.

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